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Above Minimum Standards

Posted by Captain's blog on July 20, 2012 at 10:05 AM
Focus on putting things in the school's own language. �Mention the school motto because often it's "children first", or "pride in excellence", or "knoweledge is power". �Knowledge IS power. �i KNOW there is a state law in Texas preventing early entry into pre-k. �I know that the law here allows "credit by examination" (grade skipping) up to one grade per year starting with kindergarten. �I know that the G&T program is worth getting into because they present projects before the whole school (public speaking). I took a sample of my son's work last year to the principal of my local neighborhood elementary school to ask for him to be tested for early entry into pre-k. She was unable. �She also said other local children, including her own two grandchildren, were ready and would benefit from early entry but that she was unable to make that decision. �I asked that if I could get the paperwork from the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented and pay out of pocket for an iq test for my son would she let him go last year. �After she agreed I called them, my district gt coordinator, my regional gt coordinator and they were unable to facilitate early entry for an academically gifted student. �I was directed to call a regional administrator for Texas pre-k (non gt dept) and they explained there is no early entry into pre-k in Texas. �Last year �would have been great for him to "get in the swing" of school because he wasn't completely reading and writing yet. �This year will be fine anyway (or I'll pull him out and bring him home if it ain't) but last year would have been more developmentally appropriate for him to be in pre-k. � I'm not the parent that says, "my kid can't be bored in school". �I am the parent that says I want my child to go to school to learn and grow and be happy, healthy, and normal. �Normal for him is probably a little faster than normal for some. �I know that many people want to different between high achieving, accelerated learner, and gifted learner. �I'm not putting a dog in that fight at this time I'm just asking that in the Spirit of NCLB we send a little love to the other extreme outliers and simply lift all restrictions that are merely hinderances to eager and able learners. �It's great that there are minimum standards in education. �Aren't they just that- MINIMUM standards? �Why intentionally write laws just for the sole purpose of creating hinderances for students that are excelling way above the minimum standards. �Please put those kinds of decisions back into the hands of parents, principals, and teachers. �I don't care about "the Race to the top" or "the race to Nowhere" I care about raising my kids the way I want to and I don't appreciate legislature prohibiting or legislating that the local public school can not teach my child any way we the parents and the local teachers and principal agree is the best for my child as long as it's above the minimum standards. �

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